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Book Review: The Animals Companion

People & Their Pets, a 26,000-Year Love StoryClaudia KawczynskaBy Jacky Colliss HarveyWho would’ve thought that our recommendation for the summer’s best read would be a well-researched, deeply crafted, wry and witty compendium on the importance of pets in our lives? The Animal’s Companion by Jacky Colliss Harvey, a Brit from rural Suffolk with a background in literature and art history and a long career in the museum world, is a cultural investigation that is erudite but accessible (I even enjoyed poring through its extensive bibliography).

With her curatorial eye and descriptive skill, Colliss Harvey successfully melds examples from a variety of fields —art, literature, history, biology —with personal reflections. It is a chatty book, easily drawing the reader in (this quality makes it an excellent audiobook choice for a summer road trip). While she doesn’t focus on any one species, there is plenty of dog in it, enough to satisfy the most canine-centric reader.

The book’s enthrallin..

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Simplify Summer with Swiffer

Dogs plus hard-surface flooring equals lots to do, especially during the summer months when days are long and full of activities.

The question is (borrowing shamelessly from Will Shakespeare’s Hamlet): To vacuum or not to vacuum—to ignore mini-cyclones of dog hair and tracked-in grit or haul out the big gun. Happily, there’s an easier option: a Swiffer Sweeper armed with either a heavy-duty Dry Sweeping Pad or a Wet Mopping Cloth.
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